All organisers want to deliver a successful event that will draw in the audience, give them a great experience and leave them wanting to return the following year. Whilst risk assessments need to take place, it does not mean that the fun and enjoyment is removed from the event.

Risks need to be managed using an effective event safety plan that is borne from consultants that understand what their responsibilities are and have the confidence to implement new ideas and practices in to their plans. Our consultants have experience from many different event backgrounds including, stadia, greenfield sites, events on public highways, motor sports, large private functions and many more.

This wealth of experience affords Gryphon Safety and Security Consultants to provide bespoke crowd management packages to our clients, removing the stress from the event organiser. Our consultants can start at the ‘ideas’ stage of an event or at the point where you encounter challenges and require our assistance. It does not matter at which part of your journey our consultants join you.

They will advise, guide and assist, whilst developing a strong and effective relationship with the client and event organiser. Gryphon Safety and Security Consultants are amongst the best in the industry, and you and the authorities that you will have to work with, will recognise this the moment you start working with us.

For more details, please contact us and we will endeavour to provide the desired solution for your event.


The safeguarding of people, assets and reputations has become a major challenge and therefore, many organisations have had to re-think their security procedures. The increase in threats from terrorists and organised criminals involving kidnap and ransom activities has exposed many vulnerabilities in systems used to protect clients. Whether our client requires a Close Protection Operator or a full team of Operators, Gryphon Security will provide complete commitment and professionalism.

Where our clients wish to be discreet about their use of Close Protection, female operators are sometimes preferred and prove an excellent addition to assist with the protection of individual family members. Gryphon Security can supply both male and female Close Protection Operatives to suit any need or situation requested by the client. We understand that close protection can be intrusive and impose on the day to day activities of our clients and their families lives. Therefore, we are sensitive to business and family life balance. With this in mind, Gryphon Security will provide a protection plan that is tailored to our clients wishes, is appropriate to the threat and as far as is practicable, normalises lifestyle. At Gryphon Security we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, professionalism and of course, the highest standard of client confidentiality.

All of our operators hold the SIA licence and are first aid qualified as a minimum. They all have experiences from either a Special Forces/Military or Police background and are individually selected to carry out the roles required by our clients. All of our staff have been working in the security industry for several years and pride themselves on being both socially and politically aware and up to date with current legislation.

Our services listed below can be provided for individuals or organisations including: executives, high net worth individuals, celebrities, people under witness protection, child protection, indeed, any private individuals who believe they may be at risk from kidnap, ransom or injury.

  • Close Protection/VIP Protection
  • Close Protection Teams (Female only teams available)
  • Security Consultancy
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Surveillance Operators
  • Security Drivers

If you wish to discuss any of the above services, please contact us for further details and arrange a consultation.

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Gryphon Safety and Security are a trusted and professional supplier of safety and Security staff within the event industry. Our event staff have experience from many different venues enabling them to handle any safety or security situation with confidence and professionalism. The success of any event is dependent on a safe but welcoming environment for both the staff and customers, which is why all of our staff are fully trained and licensed for the roles they undertake. Our company strives for the highest standards within the industry, which in turn, permits us to provide the best event stewarding and security staff available in order for your event to run smoothly, and ensure that your visitors are safe at all times.

We listen to our client’s needs and offer event staffing appropriate to the requirement and not only ensure public safety, but the protection of property also. Whether it is a short or long term requirement, a one-off or annual event, Gryphon Safety and Security will deliver an excellent service through quality, professionalism and commitment to the client.

If you wish to discuss any of the above services, please contact us for further details and arrange a consultation.

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Our operators use state of the art technical equipment ensuring they can carry out covert surveillance in a discreet manner in both urban and rural areas.  All of the information collated during an operation will be transferred into a detailed report with supporting photographic, audio and video evidence. The duration of surveillance is a major factor in any operation and may take days, weeks or months.

Clients must be aware of this when contacting us regarding this service.  Whether there is a requirement for an individual operator or a team of operators, we will cater for any need.

Counter Surveillance

Our counter surveillance team members operate using many methods in order to identify surveillance on our client, their assets or in deed, their family members. They use high tech electronic countermeasure equipment where required to ‘sweep’ areas for recording devices, which in turn, reduces the risk of surveillance.

Whether your requirement is for surveillance or counter surveillance, mobile, on foot or static, we will deliver a professional service with complete commitment to our client.

If you wish to discuss any of the above services, please contact us for further details and arrange a consultation.


At Gryphon Safety and Security we can provide peace of mind for our client’s with the use of our Residential Security Teams (RSTs). With the increasing threat of aggravated burglary, vandalism, threats of physical violence and even kidnapping, there is a growing concern for home and estate safety within our society. The use of our RSTs will deliver a vital deterrent in the protection of our client’s property and personal assets. Whether the property is occupied or vacant, we will provide a residential security plan that will suit our client’s requirements without intruding in their private lives.

All of our RST members are SIA Licensed Close Protection Operators who have a plethora of experience in the security industry. Our operators are approachable and highly professional at all times, they can be discreet or highly visual, and their aim will be to ensure that you feel safe and secure in your residence.

• Security Surveys
• Monitoring access to residence
• Monitoring mail & deliveries
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Maintaining existing security systems
• Providing a presence to unwanted visitors
• CCTV monitoring
• Foot Patrols
• 24/7 threat detection

Please contact us to arrange an appointment for a security visit.


The purpose of a Security Survey is to identify risks and vulnerabilities at your business premises, residence or estate. Whether you have a large or small property that you wish to have surveyed, at Gryphon Security we are able to provide a cost effective and practical security solution that will match your requirements. The survey will encompass any existing security measures and provide solid recommendations as to how these can be improved. On completion of the survey, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that will include photos, video footage (where applicable) and costings within your budget guidelines. The report will be laid out so that it is easy to understand what measures should be implemented, and those that are a ‘nice to have’ should you wish to.

Our surveyors come from a background of careers in the Police, Military (including UK Special Forces), and have many years experience in the security industry. Their experience and knowledge will ensure that every potential threat is taken into account, no matter how remote it may seem.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment, please contact our office.

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