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Gryphon Safety and Security offer a wide range of safety, security and care services along with training opportunities across the safety, security and care industries. Our main priority is to maintain the safety, security and welfare of our clients, their staff and customers. In order to provide this service, our team have been selected for their experience in the safety, security, care, personal security, training delivery, safety, security and care consultancy. All of our team members have experience at operational and management level giving them a full and complete understanding of the task in hand. Our instructors have operational knowledge in all of the subjects they deliver ensuring that they can draw on personal experiences that will enhance client confidence and learner understanding.

Staff that we provide for roles in the safety, security and care sectors, are all trained in line with the current industry legislation and provide a level of professionalism that will exceed our client’s expectations. It is often said that “you are only as good as your staff”, which is why we stand by our rigorous employment selection process, regardless of whether we are recruiting for event staff, security, healthcare officers or trainers. Our standards are set and maintained throughout the company by our investment in staff training, and the professionalism of our management structure. We believe that there is only one way to lead, and that is by example!

Gryphon Safety and Security have a very ‘hands on’ approach to our client’s requests. This alleviates any worries the client may have, thus enabling them to focus on other business interests. We constantly monitor and review our practices in order to provide continuity of effective services. Our ‘wilko’ attitude to a client’s request allows us to succeed in the most varied and challenging situations. Through transparency and honesty we are able to establish solid customer relationships permitting us to proceed smoothly and positively through any arrangement.

Management Team

Managing Director

Kate is from a military background that spanned 24 years and is the founder of Gryphon Safety and Security. The majority of her time in the Army was spent in the training environment carrying out instructor roles in various subjects and training students direct from basic training. Following her time as an instructor, Kate worked as a training analyst and was responsible for the training standards and evaluation of courses accessed by over 7000 military staff. Latterly, Kate was employed as the lead instructor and first Training Warrant Officer in her Corps, and responsible for the Continued Professional Development of over 50 instructors, specialising in coaching and mentoring, leadership and management, and equality and diversity.

Whilst serving in the Army, Kate embarked on a parallel career in the safety and security industry during which time she qualified as a Safety Officer. Over the last 18 years she has gained experience and knowledge working at large outdoor and indoor venues including Twickenham, Wembley and the Olympic Park in the role of Deputy Safety Officer and Security Manager. Her experiences have been gleaned from a miriad of events including rugby, football, road running events, concerts and festivals. Kate is currently working with Fulham Football Club as the Corporate Safety and Security Manager for the clubs modernised Riverside Stand that will sit within the new venue ‘Fulham Pier’. When not at Fulham, she will be working at Wembley National Stadium as a Crowd Safety Manager.

Away from the world of events, Kate is busy delivering and assessing safety and security training both in and outside of the industry, along with providing staff for coprorate security roles, Close Protection tasks, Surveillance and Investigation.

Kate is an associate consultant for IWI who are commissioned to carry out independent safety and security audits of operational procedures at stadiums and other large venues of mass gatherings. Kate is also a member of the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), and sits on the Board of the Training Providers Section. With the remainder of her time, Kate works with UEFA providing Spectator Safety training to approved UEFA stadiums around Europe.

Kate’s interests include Kickboxing, golf, photography and reading.

Finance Director

Jo is also from a military background.  She has worked in all areas of HR Management for over 30 years, and has often been responsible for the administrative management of over 1000 personnel at a time.  She has a broad spectrum of experience which ranges from duties as an Internal Auditor, External Auditor and Quality Assurance Inspector.

She has been responsible for developing policy and governance that is used on a daily basis by as many as 7000 personnel.  She has extensive experience in the instructional environment including assessing, course development and preparing for Ofsted inspections.

Within the event industry, Jo’s main focus has continued with Quality Assurance amongst the staffing element of events.

Whilst Jo’s commitment to the company is in the role of Finance Director, she keeps herself up to date and current with assessing our learners and quality assuring our instructors.

Operations and Training Manager

Jude has had a varied career within the security industry and has operated in areas including night-time economy, outdoor events, stadiums, hospitals, educational establishments, asset protection and loss prevention. A personal career highlight during Jude’s career, involved him supervising a security team that was responsible for the security of a venue being visited by a member of the Royal family, which also involved Jude working closely with the Royal Protection Teams.  Jude’s roles in security have ranged from team member to event security manager and latterly, Operations and Training Manager.

Jude has extensive knowledge in the night-time economy and retail loss prevention areas of the security industry. He has successfully managed teams in both areas for nationwide chains of nightclubs and retail stores, and has created policies and procedures which were then rolled out to all branches of those chains.

As the Operations and Training Manager, Jude is responsible for the day to day operations of the company and manages contracts that range from the North of England down to London. Jude is also responsible for the delivery of training to our staff that ensures they are up to date with current legal requirements and CPD.

Jude is committed to improving mental health services within the UK and is connected to several charities with this goal in mind. In a previous role, Jude worked within the Private Mental Health Sector helping people recovering from Mental Health problems and/or substance addiction, to integrate back into independent living.

Jude is currently employed as a Senior Match Day Manager at Fulham Football Club, where he is currently responsible for the external areas immediately surrounding the club including local parks, public streets and working closely with Local authorities in order to ensure a smooth, trouble free ingress and egress from the stadium.  When not working at Fulham, Jude is employed with the FA as a Response Co-ordinator at the Wembley National Stadium and is responsible for overseeing Response Teams located in various areas of the stadium.

Outside of work Jude spends his time reading and training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Powerlifting. He has competed in MMA competitions in order to raise money for cancer charties. Jude is also keen on expanding his professional knowledge by completing a wide range of courses and is currently working towards his Level 4 in Spectator Safety Management.

Human Resources and Compliance Manager

Donna served in the British Army for 25 years working in Finance and Human Resource Management. She spent almost a third of her career delivering the assurance of personnel and pay administration and the implementation and audit of welfare, personnel, finance and IT system management. During her time in the Army, Donna completed a Honours Degree in Psychology which has been put to good use throughout her management of personnel.

As the Human Resources and Compliance Manager, Donna is responsible for all that is of an administrative and financial matter for the company including the administration of employee related paperwork and financial elements such as payroll and pension schemes, collaborating with other managers in the business and handling highly confidential information in an honest and trustworthy way.

Donna uses her spare time wisely!

Operations and Training Co-ordinator

Karl is the Operations and Training Co-ordinator for all care sector services the company provides, and works closely with the Operations and Training Manager. His responsibilities include supporting the day-to-day running of the company’s care related contracts, the delivery of all care sector related training to new members of staff, and staff that require annual mandatory training and CPD training.

Karl spent 13 years in the Army and 2 years with the Reserves. Following his time in the Armed Forces Karl worked as a locksmith before a career change to working with young children with mental health and applied to work in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CHAMS) in low, medium, and secure units. It was at this point that Karl made the move to specialise in working with teams for young people in family settings. During this time, Karl managed teams on a basis of 1:1 to 6:1 and felt that he made changes to young peoples lives through the design and delivery of his own programme that he implemented to keep both clients and  staff safe.

Karl has worked as freelance with young people for many Local Authorities including Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex.

Karl’s interests are falconry, spending time with family and friends and is currently completing his Level 5 in Health and Social Care.


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